Works In Progress

A mythological paranormal/fantasy set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, during the Zozobra festival.
Word count: 84,000 (completed)

Tentative Blurb
The “City Different” takes on different meaning when Old Man Gloom seeks revenge.
In a city known for its arts, Marissa Tahy is forced to learn a different sort of art, combining ancient cultures from her heritage, powerful enough to protect people from a spirit bent on revenge.
At 28, she returns to the city of her birth, Santa Fe. What she finds instead will dredge up a dark secret from her past and challenge her idea of reality. A spirit grows restless, and after a century, is ready to demand its due. Marissa is the only one who can see Old Man Gloom in his true form and stop him from taking revenge. When the vengeful spirit targets those she loves, Marissa uncovers the history that binds her family to Zozobra, the festival where people burn their troubles in an effigy. On the centennial anniversary of the event, the spirit’s gained enormous power by feeding off the negative energy of people’s woes for one hundred years. He’ll bury them all beneath an avalanche of misery if Marissa can’t stop him.

Flight Imperative
A futuristic novel set in the year 2391 on the fictional planet of Jerseyana.
Word count: 95,400 (completed)

Tentative Short Blurb
For security officer Zadie Thurgood, success means danger when it pits her against mega-corporation Merrimack Enterprises, whose CEO may be the key to finding her lover who disappeared five years earlier. That is, if she can survive imprisonment on Merrimack Moon. Commander Rok’s secrets could blow Zadie’s world apart – or provide her an escape hatch.

The Fire Inside
A fantasy novel inspired in part by true events in Centralia, Pa.
Word count: 82,000 (completed)

Tentative Blurb
Everyone says witches should burn. Grace Hawthorne fears the fate of her ancestor, Calista, condemned as a witch in the 1700s. She’s more afraid for her son Gabe than herself. Wherever they live, others notice strange events take place around Gabe. Hoping to shelter him in a quiet life in a small town, she moves them to Phoenixville, though that’s where townspeople burned Calista Hawthorne at the stake. Since Calista’s murder, no Hawthorne woman has married, and Hawthorne daughters break from their mothers upon turning sixteen.
The sins of the past have a way of catching up to everyone, living and dead. When Phoenixville itself falls victim to a fire that cannot be quenched, and unusual events once again occur, Grace must learn to trust in her strengths, and in her son’s. Gabe’s the first boy born to a Hawthorne in three centuries. He’s about to turn sixteen, and Grace doesn’t want to lose him.
Tired of running away and pretending to be someone she isn’t, Grace no longer denies what she truly is: a witch. To heal her family, she must embrace her heritage, and her craft. And learn to allow room for happiness along the way. Only then can she tend the fire inside her to keep it burning bright. This witch learns to fight fire with fire.