Words are only painted fire; 
a look is the fire itself. 
 – Mark Twain

A lifelong lover of words and stories and imaginary worlds, 
C.A. Masterson is a firm believer in following her passion. 
And her muse! Whether this leads to an obscure 
but interesting place around the globe, 
or somewhere waiting to be mapped within her imagination.

Her novellas, short stories and flash fiction 
appear at various epress sites and web zines 
The Battered Suitcase (2008), 
A Long Story Short (2008), 
Dark Sky Magazine (2008), 
Cezanne’s Carrot (2008),   
The Harrow (2006),  
Flesh from Ashes (2005),  
Quality Women’s Fiction (2005), 
Phase, and The Writer’s online edition.
When not with her family, she’s in her lair, 
concocting a magical brew of contemporary, historical, 
and fantasy/paranormal stories.

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Also writing as Cate Masters, look for her at 
and in far-flung corners of the web.

Email: cathmasterson [at] gmail.com