Freebies and Indie Shorts

- 2010 Pearl S. Buck Award - First Place

All is Calm, All is Bright (literary short) - The Battered Suitcase
- 2005 Pennwriters Short Story Contest - Second Place

Crystallized (fantasy)
- Cezanne's Carrot

- A Long Story Short

Breaking News (speculative)
- A Long Story Short

The Dancing Cats (a modern fable)
- Flesh from Ashes



Depth Perception
Short literary women's fiction first published by Quality Women's Fiction.
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Len tries to run from his past, but it keeps catching up to him.
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Trick of the Light (Speculative)
As the light shifts, so might reality. It might all be a trick of the light.
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First published at The Harrow


Hotline to Hell
When Jeremy answers a newspaper ad offering fame and fortune, he doesn’t expect to face Satan. A gorgeous, female Satan offering the standard soul for fame deal. So tempting, Jeremy signs. But can he have it all, and his soul too?
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